Wireless Ear Buds

Wait what? Wireless ear buds are a thing? O_O

I didn’t know people are into that.

I just saw a recent image of wireless Ear Buds and for some reason, it irked me. (I’m going to sound like a total mountain-woman-whose-been-away-from-civilization, but yeah, I didn’t know it was a thing).

I’m sorry to say that I have the tendency to be forgetful, and my things are in… practically an endless chasm of mess stuffed inside a purple Vera Wang shoulder bag. So I have the tendency to use my good ol’ phones default earbuds (with the cords wrapped around with plastic spring thingies that makes it look like a rainbow). I mean, sure it gets caught on stuff, but at least I don’t lose it.

By the way, are there any instances where the wireless earbuds gets accidentally stuffed inside the ear canal? Because it’s a total possibility (and a constant fear of mine when I lose that rubber part in an earbud).

And what happens when you lose one plug? O_O

Wait, you can get a special harness for the earbuds for $10?

Aw heck, no! Eff that!

I’m sticking to my trusty shure 215 earphones, man. That $10 is enough to buy me TWO decent earbuds.

Honestly… Capitalism nowadays…

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The Internal Arguments of a Restless Mind

It’s like a continuous internal debacle, honestly.

So for those who don’t know, I am– undeniably– single as f***.

And with that thought, I’m looking for other things to occupy my mind (and my time), as well as enhance myself. Because you know what they say, “Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” I think it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that.

So far, I’ve tried my hand at belly dancing (which is actually fun as heck), photography (until my camera busted out on me T_T), writing (my FanFiction site is still growing! Still haven’t made my own fiction work… sad…), music (only on an ukulele though), and drawing (left that behind in my college days though). So now I am in that inevitable conundrum of asking myself…

What now? O_O

I’ve considered a couple of things, one of which I probably posted way too much here. I’m still interested in learning music (particularly the guitar), but I lack the ‘funding’ for proper lessons. I wanted to try and fix my voice so I won’t embarrass myself during karaoke nights, but that would take lessons. I’ve been searching around musciansfriend for a quality guitar, but without lessons, I’m still doomed. Ugh.

The second thing is that I’m considering of going after my Master’s Degree… which is, in itself, a debacle as well. Master’s in what? Education? Librarianship? Where am I going to study? How much will it cost to study? Will my workplace even allow me to study?

Honestly, I think I prefer trying my hand at playing music. Now if I can only find a decent teacher (or a book) and a decent-but-cheap guitar or piano.

What do you guys think?

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Guitar Envy… again!

Oh, man… this guy’s rock versions of video game music is a killer.

Yep. The Music Skills Envy Demon is rising up my head again. I know I’ve been talking about it so much, and I get the feeling that the universe is converging and telling me to get a practice guitar or something. My neighbor just got one, and I could hear him from my window and it just kills me. T_T

There are so many video game music that I want to learn. This version of the Dragon Age: Inquisitions theme is one of them. So are the tavern songs. And ‘Breezy’ from Final Fantasy 8… ‘Sight of Spira’ from FF10.

Argh… when is my salary coming? T_T

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Let’s play Zumba!

In a related post to my previous one, I’ve recently seen this footage of a video game for the XBox Kinect called “Zumba Fitness World Party”.

And yes, I know the game has been around for a while, but hey, I was too busy catching up to my Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption marathon. (John Marston is my idol right now, I swear).

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a second-hand copy of this, since XBox 360 games trading is still pretty much thriving in our local scene, but nobody seems to want to let go of their c opy! Which is really surprising, since I thought that Kinect games are not really a “strong” seller in the circuit. So, I’d probably have to buy it for brand new.

Combine this with my Dance Central games, which have fitness monitors, maybe I could lose weight with this. I’ve heard some pretty good weight loss reviews from this game, and from my experience with the DC games, I get the feeling I’m going to get really worked up in this. I mean, just look at the girl in the video! I mean if I could dance like that, I’d be making videos of it too.

Which possibly also means that I’m going to have to get the music from this game, put it on my phone, and buy MF’s best earbuds so I can play them on my commute to work. I want to be able to practice it during my down time.

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New Year, New Goals

Hey!!! It’s 2016!

Woot! Woot!

Yep, it’s a New Year, and with that, New Year’s Resolutions.

Although, I’ve come to the ever-human-realization that I can’t keep a damn promise on “doing’ any of the resolutions I made, I’ve decided to instead focus on “Goals” instead. Which ultimately, gets ticked off in my “Bucket List”, which is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”… also known as dying.

Okay… so last year, I ticked off three goals in my Bucket List. I dyed my hair red (albeit temporarily), got a tattoo (2, for that matter), and learned an instrument (my ukulele)

So now, for this years goal, one of them is this:

Yep. I’m to start dancing again. XD

I mean, yeah, I did belly dance before, but now I want to learn Hip-Hop and Zumba, which I think I prefer, even though I have a not-so-pretty “stank face”.

Anyway, I can’t afford any private lessons yet, so I’m going to start simple by playing more Xbox Kinect. Hopefully that might help, not just in my dance but in my fitness as well…

Wish me luck! XD

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A Gamer Rant

Okay, so here’s the thing…

You all know that I’m a gamer right, and that gaming is my thing, and right now I am currently obsessed about a game called “Dragon Age: Inquisition”. I am actually so obsessed with it and the series that every character I made positively LOOKS like me (they have a character creation thing where you can edit the main character’s face, from the shape of your face to the color of your eyes), and that I even started theorizing stuff about the games history that I end up commenting my theories in YouTube.

But recently, the game’s developer, BioWare, just announced that they will no longer be releasing any more updates and downloadable content (DLC) for the Xbox 360, which happens to be MY console, and that all future DLCs will only be released for their next generation gaming consoles, namely, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

And thus this is my question…


Gaming companies, seriously, if you release a game in one type of console, proper decorum dictates that you release updates and DLC on THAT type of console as well, and not just New Gen Consoles. Focusing too much on New Gen leaves us behind, and I, for one, did not buy the Xbox 360 just for graphics, but rather for gaming experience, because let’s face it, the 360 has much MORE available games than the Xbox One. It has games still available ever since you released the machine in 2008, so it has thousands and thousands of games compared to the new gen. And unless you plan on making the Xbox One backward compatible with ALL your games, then I am not going to buy the New Gen.

And also, if the DLC you’re going to release is going to be the game’s Epilogue, like DA:Inquisitions Trespasser (the video below), then by rights, us Old Gen console owners DESERVE to know it ending. Honestly it’s like reading Harry Pottor books in paperback but realizing that the 7th book is only available for iPad in PAID subscription!

And here I thought of buying the best studio monitor stands for my sound system. The game’s soundtrack and music is frickin’ awesome, especially the tavern songs.

Ugh… gaming companies. It’s almost like they don’t care for their gamers. ~_~”

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Bibliophilia : :  a lover of books especially for qualities of format; also :  a book collector

my books!

My shelf is getting too small for me. T_T

Yep… these are my books. Or half of them since I’ve already donated some of them to the library I work in.

And as of the moment, I need more space for my books.

I know, I know. With all the technology today, I can probably stuff all these books into my cellphone’s memory card and read them on the road. But what can I say? I’m a librarian. I’m addicted to paper books. Not to mention you can’t really bring your phone and whip it out whenever you want to read. My phone is not really that expensive, but still, I don’t want it to get snatched out of my hands when I’m in public.

My family is actually complaining about the amount of books I have, but I love them so much! I’d keep and collect antique volumes if I could… but then they’d probably be really expensive…

Maybe I should attach Fulterer soft close drawer slides and make an extendable drawer for my smaller books? Or maybe another shelf?

Argh!!! The problems of a book collector…

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Deadpool: The Movie!


So apparently, the movie for this Marvel anti-hero is coming up, and as a bit of a comic book fanatic, I’m kind of excited. Mainly because Ryan Reynolds is a pretty good Deadpool… even better than his role as the Green Lantern.

Which is great, considering Deadpool kind of got off story in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (if you haven’t watched that, you should).

Props to him making fun of his Green Lantern suit. Hahaha!

Anyway, the movie isn’t coming out until February 2016, but my bestfriend and I are pretty excited to see this. We’ll stick with the viewing the Attack on Titan movie in the meantime.

This reminds me, maybe I should get the Deadpool game for my Xbox 360. My sister was a little curious about it…

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Heeeyyyy!!! I’m back!


Heeeyyyy!!! I’m back!
Yeah, well, sorry about not being able to post recently. My time has been divided into so many things recently. I’ve been continuing my FanFiction writing, and my Xbox 360 gaming. I’ve also been working on my own fiction work but it’s taking a while to finish (damn you, writer’s block! *shakes fist to the sky*).
Anyway, I think I’m going to be a little bit busier now, since I’ve decided that it’s about high time I buy myself a guitar and start learning the damned thing. I’ve put it off for years, and I’m not getting any younger. XD
Although I might need to buy one of these, since I’m having a hard time hearing stuff nowadays (and don’t tell me it’s a ‘sign’ of aging, I’m not that old yet, people).
I’m listening to Dream Theater’s Hollow Years right now, maybe I should start trying to learn this one first. I just wish I could find a guitar that would fit my teeny, tiny short fingers. I’m having trouble with normal acoustic guitars because the fret boards are too wide, or maybe I’m just used to an ukulele’s fretboard.
Wish me luck, yeah?! ^_^v

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Practice Makes Perfect?

And now back to my gaming news…

Now that I have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, I am now seriously, SERIOUSLY practicing this.

And it’s not going to well.

I don’t have any DLC (Downloadable Content) songs yet, so this is the hardest song in my playlist as of now. And it is a b… really hard. XD

I guess my fluffiness is attributed to my issues with dancing this song. And my dance space is really not that roomy, but being a bit of a completionist, I can’t help but be disappointed with myself that I just can’t get this right. My feet get all tangled up, I get tired much too easily, and I can’t do the jumping and the fast steps. The guy dancing here is awesome to have done it. T_T

That doesn’t mean I’m going to give up though. I’mma finish this!!!

Maybe I just need one of those magnectic jewelry to increase my stamina or something. I heard the benefits of magnetic bracelets includes an increase in physical stamina, which I would probably need to do all the quick steps.

Hopefully, this thing could help with my fluffiness too, I heard that some people lost weight because of Dance Central. XD

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